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Shops in Entropia Universe


Warning: alpha version = not all of cool features are included, but it's working. It's working for YOU and YOUR customers.
Shops in Entropia Universe is a site dedicated to all Entropia Universe players.
The main purpose is to provide informations about the shops existing in Entropia Universe virtual world - their location, stock and prices.

You can use this page like for searching items in the shops of registered shop-owners. This can help you save your time while playing, because you don't have to search the item that you need in every shop you find (if you find some:)

If you are a shop owner, you can create your own account, log in and insert your shop details as offered items, screenshots, location of your shop... so you just help to your potential customers to find you easily in the wide Entropia world.

Free registration, free shop insertion, free searching and no maintenance fees!
Everybody can get what he wants easier, better and faster.
Enjoy your new style of buying (selling) items you are looking for - spending less time by searching and more time by playing.
Increase turn-over by letting know about your shop.

Stay tuned!


  Added simple image-based help (how to ...)


  Searching is working, enjoy


  First release of this new super cool alpha version of online list of shops in Entropia Universe.


  Starting on construction of this super cool usefull web application :)

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United Sweat Union Booth

  (9 items)
United Sweat Union Booth United Sweat Union Booth  
Amethera [25769, 37645], Omegaton West Habitat Alpha Tower BlockA Shop #03, floor 0
Armor platings,  Carbine / Laser,  Rifle / Laser,  Mindforce,  Metal Component,  Excavators,  Healing / FAP 
Homepage: http://usu.comptime.org/usu-booth.html
Shop owner: Ryan Zer0XHDX0137 Brown
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  (0 items)
Eudoria [61598, 75197], Port Atlantis Mall, floor 2 Homepage: http://www.freewebstore.org/tobiland-shop/
Shop owner: antonio tobal leitao
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Shopsin.EU DEMO shop #1

  (8 items)
Shopsin.EU DEMO shop #1 Shopsin.EU DEMO shop #1  
Amethera [45646, 84541], Oxford Platinum 3A #4, floor 4
Armor parts,  Carbine / Laser,  Melee / Longblades,  Rifle / BLP,  Weapon / level 5,  Make Up 
Homepage: http://tamaro.sk
Shop owner: Tamaro