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Privacy policy

This policy covers personally identifiable information collected and stored from registrated users by the "Shopin.EU team" on its servers in relation to the project "Shops in Entropia Universe".
This informations are not publicly available and they are not shared, communicated, sell or rent to the third parties. They are encrypted for better security and as prevention from attack to database.
Once you signed up for our Service, you accepted this policy.

If you open an account, we collect the following types of information from you:
   - e-mail address
   - Cookies
   - others informations

E-mail address

Users that do registered are identified by their e-mail adrress. This email address may be used by the "Shopsin.EU team" only for communication with user.
Users select a password, which is confidential and used to verify the integrity of their account.

"Shopsin.EU team" is not responsible for actions taken in the name of your account if you share your login e-mail or password with others. A user can remove the account permanently from our database only by asking the administrator by e-mail.


The sites set a temporary session cookie on a visitor's computer whenever a login is attempted. This cookie cannot be denied at login. Cookie will be deleted at the end of the browser's session. Cookies do not contain any personal data and are not transferable from one computer to another.

Others informations

Informations based on your interaction with our web site such as statistics on page views, IP address, standard log on information.

Creation of your account will be confirmed by an activation link in e-mail from mailsender@shopsin.eu after registration on the webpage.

You may update, correct or change your member information any time by going to the Edit Profile section.

This policy can be modified any time by posting a revised version on this website.